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Ethiopia Shenta Wene "Winey" Testi Ayla Raised Bed Natural Organic

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Testi Ayla processes equal volumes of both fully washed and natural coffees of the highest quality. Washed lots at Testi Ayla are fermented slowly—36 to 48 hours--due to the low ambient temperatures in the region and the replenishment of cold groundwater throughout the process. Drying takes 10-12 days and wet parchment is often covered during the searingly-hot afternoon hours to protect it from cracking. Naturals here take even longer to dry, due to overnight low temperatures and humidity, which slow dehydration. The result is a clean, strawberry-like cup with abundant complexity. This particular coffee is fun and funky with lots of watermelon and other red fruits. This makes quite a refreshing iced coffee as well! Sited by: Charlie Habegger
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