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Ethiopia Shenta Wene Testi Ayla Double Fermented Washed Organic

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Testi Ayla processes equal volumes of both fully washed and natural coffees. This lot, was fermented in two distinct steps. The first of which, known as “carbonic masceration”, is a unique whole-cherry curing process involving 24 hours in a sealed tank deprived of oxygen, which concentrates the sugars and develops the acids within each individual coffee cherry, essentially custom-curing each coffee seed in an enclosed bath of fruit jam. Once cured, the softened fruit flesh is depulped and fermented extensively as a washed coffee for another full 48 hours. After the second fermentation is complete, the parchment is washed clean and dried carefully on shaded raised beds for a full three weeks. Testi Ayla has perfected a truly exemplary Sidama coffee with articulate tropical fruit sweetness and a seductive, floral-savory bouquet. Welcome to a beautiful light and crisp experience of honey, sweet tea, with underlying notes and tones of butterscotch, lemon, lime and peach. Sited by: Charlie Habegger
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