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Ethiopia Shenta Wene Testi Ayla Carbonic Maceration Organic

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This natural process aided by a highly delicate winemaking technique is known as “carbonic maceration”(a unique curing stage that locks whole coffee cherries in a sealed tank deprived of oxygen for a 24-hour period). With the fruit being whole and its environment is without air circulation or oxygen, carbonic maceration is essentially a custom-curing of each coffee seed in an enclosed bath of fruit jam, without any of the dehydration that would normally slow osmosis between the fruit and the seed. Once cured, the softened coffee cherries are taken directly to dry on raised beds under shade for a very gradual drying process of almost three weeks. You can truly expect to taste jammy berry deliciousness in this coffee, along with tropical fruit notes. Sited by: Charlie Habegger
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