A Tip From Coffee Doc on Grinding Coffee @ Home

If and when you chose to grind your own coffee there are important things you need to know. With a little experimentation you can be a pro at it in no time. This will allow you to enjoy your coffee at it's freshest. The fact is that pregrinding coffee beans multiplies the surface area of the coffee exponentially subjecting it to air and puts the coffee on a fast track to stale city. First thing to know about grinding coffee is how you're going to brew it. This is the absolute key to success. The longer the water stays in contact with the coffee the larger the grind(coarse) should be. For example French Press and Cold brew seep for a time determined by you to achieve the strength of coffee you desire. Therefore we select a very coarse grind. A drip pot or kcup brew would require a finer grind because the coffee simply passes threw the grounds for a short period. Finer even still would be espresso where it must be powder like to extract everything the coffee has to offer. But if you use espresso grind in your drip pot you will likely have silt to deal with. On the other hand if you use too coarse of a grind for your brew method your coffee will be weak and maybe even tea like. So pay attention to whats happening in your cup and manipulate the size of your grind until you achieve your perfect coffee experience. If you have any questions Coffee Doc will be happy to answer them via email.
Aug 17th 2020 Coffee Doc

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