• 600ml French Press

    600ml French Press

    600ml Stainless Steel French Press. A French Press has unmatched versatility in terms of brewing. By varying amount of coffee and how long you allow grounds to saturate allows each individual to...
  • Guatemala Royal Select decaf

    $10.95 - $17.95
    Cupping notes of Lemon and Milk Chocolate make this a very desirable decaf. Low Acidity, Average Body, and Low Sweetness make this one terrific decaf. Guatemalan Coffee has always been a top seller...
  • Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee Roasted to Order

    Costa Rica Naranjo La Rosa

    $9.95 - $16.95
    Cupping notes of Brown Sugar, Cherry, and Dark Chocolate make this one of the best coffees in our inventory. Average Acidity, Average Body, and Above Average Sweetness make for a beautiful and...