• Doc's India Espresso Blend

    $8.75 - $13.75
    Coffee Doc wanted to create an Espresso that would wake the dead and so he sought out the most caffeinated beans on Earth and then he roasted them just long enough to bring out some flavor and the...
  • Doc's Brazil Espresso Blend

    $8.75 - $13.75
    When Coffee Docroasts up a batch of this Brazil Espresso Blend, it fills the air with nutty, sweet, chocolate.  It has a very high caffeine content and a medium light appearance.  This is a...
  • Coffee Doc's "House Call" Blend

    $8.75 - $13.75
    Take a sip and step into your happy place.  The perfect blend of medium dark Arabica beans and blonde roast Robusta beans is guaranteed to put a pep in your step and a smile on your face. ...